Our mission is to help our clients experience the financial peace of mind that enables them to live well.

We "help" our clients experience financial peace of mind by treating them as people we care about, not accounts. This means:

  • We listen carefully to understand their unique goals and life purpose.
  • We help them understand the difference between information and wisdom.
  • We seek to build a relationship of caring, communication, and education.
  • We seek to build long term, high-trust relationships.
  • We are process-oriented, not product-oriented. 
  • We help our clients focus on what they control, not what they don't control.
  • We focus on financial life planning which includes investing, but is much more than investing.
  • We help our clients experience the joy of gratitude, generosity, and contentment.

"Financial peace of mind” means:

  • Not being preoccupied with money.
  • Reducing your worry about running out of money during retirement.
  • Helping you avoid the major investment mistakes that almost everyone makes.
  • Knowing those you care about will be taken care of in the event of your death, disability, or need for long term care.
  • Confidence even in the face of an uncertain and unknowable future.
  • Having a relationship with an advisor you trust who is monitoring your progress toward your financial goals.

To "live well" is to:

  • Pursue the things in life that matter most.
  • View money as a means, not an end.
  • Pursue what money cannot buy and death cannot take away.
  • Understand what financial wealth can and cannot do.
  • Ask the right questions….questions like, “How can I live a life without regret?” “How do I discover what really matters?” “What am I retiring to?” “How do I win at work without losing at life?”




We are proud to have been selected as a 2012 Top Area Wealth Manager by NABCAP, and one of only six Exemplary Advisors.

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